Bedroom Mattress 101 – Why Some Mattresses Are Better Than Others

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We literally spend 1/3 of our lives asleep in bed, so in the scope of things, it would make sense to invest in an excellent mattress that can better our health. This is even more so if you have to struggle with back pain problems on a daily basis. The mattress selection process can be difficult since there is essentially up to 7 different types of mattress that are being sold today.

You’ll be glad to know what even chronic back pain can actually be resolved provided you sleep well at night with the right support and posture. In order to do this, you should first start by getting a new mattress if your current one isn’t providing you the necessary support or comfort that your body absolutely needs.


Many sleep experts have recommended firmer mattresses such as latex or memory foam for their clients who’re having trouble sleeping well or who have problems with their back. Memory foam mattresses are the most popular for the reasons we’ve mentioned above. Although there are multiple popular brands when it comes to memory foam mattresses, I’ve personally stuck to my Zinus green tea memory foam mattress simply because it provides some really good support for the back and thus, the spine. This is also why we recommend this as the best memory foam mattress ever. While that might be helpful for some people, not everyone’s sleep problems are caused by having a mattress that’s too soft for their back. The truth is that the ideal mattress should neither be too firm nor too soft. The reason for this is simple enough. If your mattress is too soft, part of your body (usually the middle of your back) will sink into it and that will leave you with a curved spine while you’re asleep, almost as if you’re hunched for the 8 hours or so while sleeping. It would be surprising not to develop any issues with your back if you’re spending so much time having a hunched back, wouldn’t it?

sleep-cycle-pie-chartThis sleep cycle chart shows the various stages of sleep and the importance of remaining in the right stages at the right time. Likewise, if the mattress is too firm for your weight, the pressure being exerted on certain parts of your body (usually your shoulders and hips) will be disproportional compared to the rest of your body. This will not only reduce the blood circulation at these pressure points, but in some extreme situations, even cut off the blood flow in its entirety (this applies even for memory foam mattresses that aren’t ideal). When such a thing happens, sores will develop at those areas. Most of the time though, your brain will simply tell your body to roll over to another position, but that’s bad enough since your sleep will be interrupted. If this happens often enough during the night, you’re essentially losing quality sleep that you could’ve been able to enjoy with an ideal mattress. You’ll also want to keep in mind the importance of getting a mattress size that fits you nicely depending on how tall you are. If you’re at least 6 feet tall, you should definitely invest in a king size mattress because you wouldn’t want your feet to be dangling out in the air instead of resting on the bed.

Plus, how would you know whether a mattress is perfectly suited to you unless you get to try it for a while? Fortunately for you, most of the bigger brands tend to have a return policy that lasts from a week up to an entire month. This allows you to fully test a mattress and ensure that you really like it before you finalize the deal. We highly suggest that you try out a few other mattresses even if you feel as if the first mattress you’ve picked is really comfortable. With the staggering amount of choices available to you, it’ll be wise to try out as many as you can to find the perfect mattress.

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