Home Improvement 101 That Every Homeowner Should Know

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Every home has potential to be beautiful. Sometimes, all that it takes are simple tweaks around the house to turn it from drab to fab. Here is a list of incredibly easy changes you can make to your home today. You will be blown away by the results and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

#1: Enlarge your rooms visually

cozy-roomWe know that it is nearly impossible to enlarge the size of the rooms in your house once the whole house has been built. It is however still possible to enlarge it visually. By replacing heavy blackout curtains with blinds, more sunlight will come streaming into the room. The brighter the room is, the larger it feels. You can enlarge your rooms further by adding large mirrors on the wall. Remember to only install mirrors on one side of the room however, otherwise it will feel as though you are stuck in an amusement park with multiple mirrors reflecting back and forth.

As a last step, clear all the clutter in your room. Donate or give away unwanted items or furniture. Do not hoard unusable things in your house as this will make your house appear messy and smaller than it actually is. Keep small objects in cabinets away from sight.

#2: Upgrade fixtures

If your air conditioning unit or fan is old and loud, consider replacing them with newer, modern versions. A simple modern ceiling fan can do wonders to a room. It brightens up the space and provides a cool breeze when required without you having to turn on the air conditioner. Some of the ceiling fans nowadays come with attached pendant lights. They therefore serve 2 functions, that is to light up the room and keep the ventilation at a pleasant level.

If you have the budget, do also consider replacing the bulbs in your house with energy efficient ones. They may cost slightly more in the beginning, however, the savings you enjoy in the long run will soon cover the initial cost of the bulbs.

#3: Spruce up your lawn


Your lawn is the first thing visitors see when they approach your house. Just like everything else, first impression counts. Imagine driving up to a lawn with untrimmed hedges and patchy grass all over the place. Your neighbors will start to think that you are a person who does not take pride in his home. The good thing is that all you have to do is keep the lawn neat for first impressions to rise. Simply trim the hedges and cut the grass to a neat level. If you find this too difficult a task, you can easily call the professionals who will come and shape your bushes and upkeep your lawn for you. They do not even charge that much and a couple of hundred dollars is enough to get a relatively good lawn service company.

#4: Keep it clean

It’s true what our mothers told us. No one likes a messy house. The same home can look completely different once it is clean and sparkly. For approximately $300, you can hire professional cleaners to scrub down your walls and floors. After that, all you have to do to upkeep your home is to clean it twice a week. Wipe down windowsills and glass doors with a water and soap solution. Thereafter, vacuum and mop all floors. Dust your carpet and rugs once a month as well. Your clean home will look brand new and it will be so much more comfortable to live in. You can also proudly invite visitors to your home without worrying about them talking and gossiping behind your back.

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